Working TV screens? -Hammer

How do I make certain Television sets project either VTF or NPC interactive animated images on their screens in hammer?

To the best of my knowledge, you will need to create a func_brush or func_physbox and name it as well as parent it to the model TV (only if said TV moves). Texture it with rt camera texture and link it to the info_camera_link entity. You will also need a point camera to get the ‘image’ you wish to project. It works just like you think a camera would. You can also use a func_monitor in the place of a physbox with the texture.

If you want the vtf then make an animated texture, not the one simply moving because of proxies but the frame by frame pictures. The point is that animated textures often take a lot of space depending on their size and amount of frames. Let’s say you want to make something in HD like an electro panel which flickers lightning. In my case I used 10 1024x1024 pictures, uncompressed ones and the result was having a 40mb texture which would animate itself in a loop forever. Of course no one is as retarded as me and creates such things. I’d usually recommend sizes like 256x256 for a small tv with compressed image like dx1, 512x512 if the image is too blurry.

Still it includes lots of work so I am not sure if you want an animated texture to be in your TV unless it’s some kind of static or ect.

You can also define the rt_camera as a texture on models. Just remember it has a 1:1 aspect ratio, so be sure to properly uv your surface to account for that, and that it needs to be a separately defined material on the model.

The models here have a separate plane with the texture set as an ‘rt_camera’ behind a translucent plane that provides a gui overlay texture.