Working with Phong/Envmaps to achieve certain results

So, im helping a friend with some Serious Sam HD textures, we are trying to make them as close as possible to the real game.

We are trying to achieve this result with the model:

A friend said i could use $phongalbedotint + an exponent texture and some tinkering around to make it look like that, but after some time playing around with it, the closest i could get to it was this: [t]

Any advice on how to make those work on my favour? I know i am on the right way , i just need how to setup those, and the Valve documentation isn’t helping much with its reduntant info about those.

If you have the specular/phong map (which really just looks like a grey version of the Diffuse texture), you would need to put it in the Alpha Channel of the Normal map. This can be done in Photoshop or other editing programs, and you should save this new file as a DDS, then import it into VTF-Edit.
In your VMT, you want to have it like this:

	"$baseTexture" "diffuse/map/texture"
	"$bumpmap" "normal/map/texture"
	"Phong"	"1"
	"$phongexponent"	"x"
	"$phongtint"	"[A B C]" 																		// A, B, and C are 3 separate variables that change the tint of the reflected light on the model. A=Red, B=Green, C=Blue
     $phongalbedotint	"1"																		//Tells the texture to use the Diffuse to calculate the color of the light reflection.

Mess around with the $PhongBoost and $PhongTint to see what you like best.
Also note the the “x” in $PhongExponent is any number from 0.0001 to infinity, and try messign with that as well.