Working Zoey With Multiple Body Groups

Be warned undead scum. Zoey is here to cause havoc among your ranks. Released here on several requests.

All credit to LordAardvark and Evil Ash for the body groups.
Skate skin by me.
Also credit to Evil Ash for Zoey’s new rig. Nahka’s version stopped working for some reason. That model had the same issue as the rest of the L4D models.
Missing limbs and yadda yadda. Tried several fixes, but none have worked. This version also include Zoey’s original outfits, bikini and a lot more.
Thought you guys could use a working Zoey.


So many Zoey models :v:

She best be careful on them rollerskates, She might hurt herself.


Man you chose like the worst site to host files on

I did not choose it, but yea the site is annoying. Adding a FileSmelt link in a moment.

Awesome as userall…