Workshop Addon Banned/Unlisted - Plasmid SWEP Pack

Plasmid SWEP Pack Fixed:

Hi there Admins.

I had reuploaded a SWEP pack that had malicious coding put in it by it’s prior creator, GbrosMC/Dexter the Heckster.

Before uploading the addon of course I removed the malicious coding, changed some values and even stated such on the workshop page.

However it appears when logging in today, the item has been banned/unlisted by the prior uploaders friend who I believe is an Admin:

Not only is this an unfair use of their Admin abilities (since it is well within fair use) but they are also helping to back up someone who was banned from the workshop for their said malicious code.
The same person who has sent multiple users to even spam/flame my page and the addon then will claim the Workshop Admins are ‘harassing them’.
I’m sure if you’ve been around this community long enough you know all about GbrosMC/Dexter the Hecksters antics so this is nothing new.

All I am asking is that the addon is reinstated and that this is looked over by Admins who are unbiased and know the workshop guidelines properly.
I feel like this was issued strictly by GbrosMC’s friend Tommy S. (idk):

They are mutual friends and clearly he banned it for his own personal pleasure without even reading the description or guidelines.

He even went as far as to write ‘RIP’ the addon after filing the ban. :confused:
The whole situation is sketchy and with GbrosMC/Dexter the Hecksters past I sense nothing but foul play here.

I hope someone can help enlighten me on this situation and that they can get the addon reinstated when possible as the community and roleplay servers love using it.

Proof/Additonal information:

GbrosMC’s rejected ban appeal:
The backdoor itself:
My conversation with GbrosMC/Dexter about copyright:
The workshop guidelines rules on copyright:
Tommy S. and his comments:

I hope that this makes it clear that I have violated no rules and I’m clearly being targeted by an insecure workshop creator who is still crying about being found out.


Well there’s nothing sketchy about this as far as I can tell.

You uploaded someone else’s content and they asked Steam to remove it.

While I did not ban it myself, being the only Workshop moderator from Garry’s Mods’ side, I cannot tell you who did or why since you didn’t post the link.

I don’t see how this falls under “Fair Use”, all you did was literally upload someone else’s content with a part of it missing.

I did post the link. It’s at the very start of the thread/my first message.

And I did not just “upload someone elses work”.

I removed the malicious backdoor they had put in, changed some values and even went as far to find out the original skeleton of the script had been stolen from an old user. So it’s well within fair use due to the value changes, script changes and even taking no credit for it. The fact they built their original addon off of stolen script and admit it should say enough. The script was changed by them to avoid getting striked, then they added malicious code which got their account banned/the addon removed, I then removed the malicious coding/changed values and reuploaded it. The SWEP has a long life cycle of being changed and reuploaded due to the previous uploader and their bad practices. They have no ownership over this version if we are going by what the guidelines state.

It wasn’t like I stole someone elses content like the previous uploader did and then took complete credit for it. I even made changes to it. From what I can see that warrants it more than fair use based on the guidelines. Again, it should be made clear the original user STOLE the coding to begin with. So I’m not only changing coding they have no right to claim on but I’m also removing their malicious script. It’s non-profit and I’m not taking credit for anything but the changes made.

If other users can make value changes and edits to SWEPs and upload them as their own I do not see why I cannot fix a SWEP pack and edit it into fair use and then upload it without worry of it being banned. And again, it was banned by a user who is friends with the person whose original content was removed for breaking fair use and got them banned from the workshop. They should not be taken as the moral authority on anything. The rules should be the rules.

I would have no problem with this being banned if it was stolen content or just a straight reupload but it isn’t. I was doing something the rules consider fair use by removing the malicious code and making changes. What makes zero sense to me is how someone can strike content and get it banned when it’s breaking no rules/openly states all of this on the addon page itself. There is also something fundamentally broken where someone who has been banned from the workshop for malicious coding can get their Admin friend to remove/ban any content they have a problem with. The rules should come first and Admins should be unbiased. This is not a scenario where I feel that is being considered or enforced.

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Also I just found this on Dexters friends page:

That is the kind of person who is filing these take downs and getting their Admin friend to remove any content they deem ‘stealing’. He is opnely stating he stole the original code.

Editing someone else’s work does not make it yours, even it was stolen before.

As I said, I cannot tell you who or why banned your content without a direct link to your Steam profile or the addon itself.

I’m not sure if you even read my reply because in it I stated that the link to the content is at the start of my first message. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my Steam profile:

The addon:

I didn’t just ‘edit the work to make it mine’ - I removed the malicious code, changed values and reuploaded it taking no credit for the original stolen script.
If it gets removed for that, that at least makes sense. But giving power to GbrosMC/Dexter and his friend who clearly is down with Admin abuse is not the kind of environment anyone should be reinforcing.

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It wasn’t banned by GbrosMC/Dexter or any of his friends, obviously.

It was banned by a Steam moderator for receiving a DMCA complaint. Nothing to be done about it.

I will repeat for the last time, “changing values”, “removing malicious code” and “not taking credit” does not grant you the right to reupload someone else’s content. Even if it is already stolen.

You are missing the entire part of that fair use statement that says transformative. Which is what the editing of the malicious coding and values does.
It transform it into a working addon hence the fixed part.
And I’m using the guidelines and fair use information provided by the Garry’s Mod workshop guidelines, not Google.

The presumed original author of this content, Magneta, was among the people who reported your addon.

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Funny, because GMod’s Workshop rules provide no such guidelines.

The addon violated the TOS by breaking this rule specifically:

By removing that code, I’ve rendered the addon working and transformative enough to be reuploaded. It’s not like there is any profit to be made here or any credit to be gleaned.
I am only taking credit for the removal of the code.

It’s not like I put back up a regular, working addon and just removed a line of code.
This was breaking workshop addons rules/guidelines with the bad coding, therefore was broken.

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That’s good to know.
Even though Magenta’s practices are just as fowel as GbrosMC at least I know the original creator wants their wishes respected.

And I see your side of it. I just hope it is clear that this isn’t as black and white as a simple ‘reupload’ for credit.
It’s a little bigger than that. My hope here was to highlight some of the toxic behavior on the workshop with people who add malicious code and the Admin abuse that may occur.

If that kind of behavior and practices aren’t being supported and this is merely to protect the original creator then I’m fine taking the banning on the item and deleting it myself.

Thank you for the help.