Workshop Addon List

I was bored yesterday, so I decided to create this.

Anyways, on to the description.
This is an addon that allows users to check if they have an addon used by the server installed and enabled.

Adding addons is easy, just open the addon_list.lua file inside WAL/lua and add your own addons like this:
WAL.AddAddon( string name, string icon_link, string description, number workshopID )
WAL.AddAddon( “Heckler & Koch XM8”, “”, “TTT XM8 weapon model and sounds”, 166184041 )

How to get workshop icon?
Open the workshop addon you want to get the icon of, right click the icon on the right and press ‘COPY IMAGE URL’. The link should look like this:

Now, you remove the ending ( 268x268.resizedimage ) and put that as the link, like this:

How to get the workshop id?
The workshop ID is in the url of the workshop addon itself, so for this addon:

the workshop ID is 273199718.



  1. Open the zip file.
  2. Put the folder inside ( WAL ) into garrysmod/addons.

Config in data folder ( so I can put this on the workshop )
Fix the glitchy checkbox

Need help? Just comment on the thread or PM me on here.

Interesting idea

Very userful.