Workshop addon not downloading on dedicated server

Alright, so I’ve got my authkey and my collection ID in place inside the commandline for my server and I can get my two other addons to download, but Firearms Source refuses to download. Here’s the log.

Fetching Workshop Addons..
Calling GetCollectionDetails
Collection has 3 Addons
Mounting Addon 'Advanced Duplicator' (163806212)
Mounting Addon 'Wiremod' (160250458)
Mounting Addon 'Firearms Source Weapons For Gmod 13' (104502728)
Download Failed!

I’ve even tried putting it last in the list, as you can see, because some other thread said something about that, but no dice. I understand I can extract .gma files, but it’d be much more convenient for everyone involved to have it via workshop.

Download the addon in your client, and find it in your addons folder. Then rename the .gma to ds_104502728 and put it in your server’s addon folder.

That’s a pretty neat workaround, thanks. Do you think that’ll also update them if they need it, or will I have to do that manually through my client again?

You would probably need to update them manually. IF you would like another way to install addons, that will always work. Here

They should update on their own as long as the base addon is there. If they don’t just repeat the same process. (Swear I already posted that here, internet must have stalled out)

I used this fix and the server says that it is mounting these addons, but my clients do not download these addons from the workshop when they connect to my server. Any ideas?

That is a completely different thing.

Create a file in lua/autorun/server and add resource.AddWorkshop(WorkshopIDHere) lines for all workshop addons you want your clients to download.