Workshop addon verification on load takes ages.

So, I’m having a very annoying bug with my TTT server.

When joining, it will sometimes “hang” on checking an addon from workshop.
It will show that is is “Getting Addon #somenumber” and the download bar will fill multiple times, sometimes even taking more then 30 seconds per addon.
When minimizing the game and reopening the game during the game, it will hang (and reactivate when the whole load is done)
However with the 6 or so addons + map this will sometimes make a player load for over 7 minutes!

This doesnt happen every load, when in luck it will simply rush through the addons and finish loading in under 20 seconds.

Is this workshop timing out? or am i doing something wrong?
And how can i debug this?

Thanks in advance,


p.s the server is running at

As a test, we’re moved all our old gma files from subscribed addons, and combined multiple smaller addons into 1 addon to hopefully fix it.
However it seems that this had no influence :confused:

Advice, if addon is realy stable download it use gmad extractor and put resource files in fast dl and all other files in addons folder remove that file from workshop download and it will be much faster

Yes i understand, but to help out others that might have this issue, i just want to solve the mystery behind it as well.

The more extracted addons you have ( in folders ), the longer it will load, the more .gma addons you have, the longer it will take to load them. There’s no mystery, it’s how things work.

Yes i understand, that is however not the issue here.
we have 12 Workshop addons, and 1 map workshop addon loaded for every round.

When a player joins in, the client will quickly show “loading addon #300375321”, etc etc for each addon they already downloaded. then go to sending client info and be able to play.

However in rare cases the “loading addon #300375321” will load for a very very long time.
instead of the usual 1 bar piece of the loading part filled before the next one, it will load the whole bar for about 2.5 times (or more, it differs) before switching to the next addon.
This happens for people that have been playing on my server for weeks now, and most certainly have everything downloaded before.

So my question was, where does the random and rather massive slowdown in “checking” the workshop addons come from?

probably when there’s an update, it will download and extract the mod, and extracting takes a lot of time.

I doubt we have updates this much, it can sometimes happen multiple maps in a row. it is never extracting afterwards either. This seems more like a timeout between the client and workshop.
Also, whenever this bug happens, it happens for every workshop addon we have. So its not an update on the workshop addons.

Maybe when servers are overloaded it takes more time

I’ve seen this issue happen a few times in past weeks, probably overloaded servers on valve’s part.

Could be, but why is there such a massive timeout value on those checks then? Lowering it, having it skip the rest, or lowering the timout time for the following requests, should decrease the severity of this problem. (aka, the more addon checks with workshop fail, the shorter itll wait for a response on the next addon)

My Suggestion: Drop WorkshopDL and use FastDL. The loading time speedups up to 1600% for the second join for most darkrp servers. on my server it lowered the first connection time from 1 minute to ~24-26 seconds and for the second from 40 seconds to 12-15 seconds.

Yes i understand, im working on getting that done. But i was just trying to get the issue figured out (as you should fix a bug, not work around it)

Thanks all for the replies

Not always, switching my server from fastdl to workshop reduced load times from 6 minutes to 2 minutes because of all the small files that were packaged in to 1 archive.

It’s not a one size fits all solution to blindly say “use fastdl, it’s faster”