Workshop addons and FastDL?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages, and I apologize in advance if there are threads like this already.

Okay so my server runs off addons I manually put into a collection on the steam workshop, but I don’t know how to get them to download automatically to other people who join?

Could someone help out?

I have a FastDL server for ULX/Plugins also, but I can’t put workshop items in there, because ya know you subscribe to them as opposed to download them locally.

Edit: These are not maps, btw.

Thing you can do is extract all the addons and put them in fastdl. but if you have a fucktone of addons, that might take ages.

Thank you for replying, but when you say extract the addons, where are the physical files? Because it’s not like GMOD 12 where you downloaded the actual files and could do whatever with them.

EDIT: I finally figured it out after ages of searching. Don’t reply in this thread anymore, thanks.

edit: woops didnt see that last line