Workshop addons/items & loading on server

Hello. i am new to Garrysmod servers and i am picking up quickly. I was using FastDL for the longest time and have since moved a lot of my maps over to Workshop. I would also like to move my Resource files over as well. such as models, materials, sounds, etc. my issue:

I can create the “addon” for workshop with the correct file locations;


But i cannot get those file, meaning the actual materials to download the the clients. any help would be greatly appricated. i understand i am most likely missing a simple step (i hope).


If you are converting to workshop you need to create a collection for the server to mount upon launch using: +host_workshop_collection WORKSHOPID -authkey YOURKEYGOESHERE in the .bat you use to launch the server. Then do a

resource.AddWorkshop( "104606562" )

in your resources.lua for each workshop item in your collection.

Creating collection and mounting -
resource.AddWorkshop -

I’ve already done that. and i know it is configured correctly because it downloads the maps needed. but this is a resource file with models and materials for skins and weapons in pointshop. i cannot get them to download to the clients pc for some reason.

I also know the specific addon is working because i added a .lua that has the resource.Addfile in there and when loading it says "downloading Xfile.XXX. and i made that lua just to test to see if it’s loading. Sorry if i’m asking stupid questions

Are you downloading those models through FastDL or workshop? resource.Addfile is for FastDL, if you made it through workshop, and made the resource.AddWorkshop for your resources.lua the only thing I can think of is you messed up the filepath somewhere…nothing at all works from pointshop skins? And all of the guns have no models or textures?

Like i said. i added the lua with resource.addfile just to see if the server was download the workshop file, which it is. the resource.addfile is no longer in the workshop file. i was just making sure my server was downloading that specific file. The issue is, even though it is catching it. it for some reason is not download the content. I wish to use workshop to download all of the materials, models, and sound, etc to the clients pc. i just need to make sure i am setting it up right or if there is anything else i need to do.

It doesn’t show up in the user’s garrysmod/downloads/server folder? The gma should be named whatever the workshop item’s ID is.

I’ll check. but, if it is, why aren’t the models/materials loading?

If it is in the folder for the client, and has the right filesize then the folders in the gma are in the wrong locations I would assume.

OK, so i have it in my downloads folder and i used the same file structure as the original file. in this example i am trying to import the “ovenman” player model.

My file structure


and i have the pointshop item setup to be pulling the model from ‘models/player/ovenman.mdl’

do i need to have something else to tell it to download the files or something?

this is also a bigger questions to future items, as i want to start making “content packs” and move away from FastDL as much as i can. that being said. can FastDL be interfering with this?