Workshop Addons on Dedicated Server

Is it possible to download workshop addons onto a dedicates server with having to look through your gmod files to find the addon files.
My host is Ultimate Game Host if it makes a difference…

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There is a somewhat similar system already in place, though it’s not working exactly as it should as of now.

Create a “workshop.vdf” file in your servers main directory, open this file with a text editor and type in:

	"1"		"104486940"	// GM_BigCity
	"2"		"104523837"	// Innercity

The previous code already has “GM_BigCity” and “Innercity” typed in, to add whatever workshop content you want yourself, change the “104486940” to whatever addon you wish.

To add more entries, just put new numbers as you go further, such as

       "3"         "104487316"         // SCars Basic

The “//” is merely a comment, so you can remember what addon it is.

SCars basic would be 104487316, as that’s its workshop ID. (last numbers in the URL)

Though the current problem with the server-side workshop is that it bugs the entire thing if you try to download something that is larger then 64 megabytes, which according to the wiki, Garry is currently fixing.

Wiki page

I hope this helps.

atromana basically posted the easy way and what garry wants everyone to do.

however, if an addon has content that the user needs to DL such as maps/models/materials/sounds then I recommend looking into an extractor.
Install the addon on your personal computer then use the extractor to convert the workshop file into the various files then place that on your server.
Going the extractor route allows you to put the DL content on a fastDL server.
However, if the addon is just pure code then editing the workshop.vdf is a lot easier. The harderset part is looking up the id.

Thanks ;3