Workshop Collection problem

I am having a problem with my workshop addons that the server downloads automatically for my users. Before i had the workshop.lua file which was in the lua/server directory which would download each player model individually. I have now created a steamworkshop collection and added it into my server. I Have placed the API KEY and the collection id into the commandline, yet when I join the server it still says “Getting Addon info for #xxxxxxxxx.” rather then saying the name for the collection. This has now stopped the models from working when i open pointshop, except for a few models which are the ones that still say “getting addon info” when in the loading screen. Can anyone explain why my server is still obtaining addons even though i deleted the workshop.lua and also why my collection is not working?

You still have to have a workshop.lua file. All +host_workshop_collection does is download the addons to the server, not to players.

Is there a way to make users download a collection from steamworkshop?

Make sure you have these in your command line:

+host_workshop_collection <id>
-authkey <yourauthkey>

Also, make a workshop.lua and put it in garrysmod\lua\autorun\server

Then, edit the workshop.lua with notpad or notepad++ and type this in the first line ‘resource.AddWorkshop ("")’. After that, find the addon that you want to be WorkshopDL. Then, take the ID of it on the workshop (this should be numbers only). Copy and paste it in the quotes of 'resource.AddWorkshop ("<addonidgoeshere>"). Save the file. Finally, start up your server and see if a friend can download the addon that you WorkshopDLed. Hope this helps.

Oh sorry i beleive I did not make my self clear. I know how to do the Workshop Addons via Steam Workshop. I was wondering if it is possible to have all the addons in a collection and just make the user download the workshop addons from a single collection file?

Um, yes, for maps only it will work though. I would just use ‘resource.AddWorkshop ("")’. So basically, expect errors if not done with ‘resource.AddWorkshop ("")’. If you want to just add the collection, take the collection ID. Then, put it in here ‘resource.AddWorkshop ("<collectionid>")’.

You can’t put the collection ID into resource.AddWorkshop, it won’t work. Just use this to get all the script you need and put it into workshop.lua

It worked for me in the past, but now I just do them manually because player models require this.