Workshop comments

Pretty much only one step above youtube comments

On this workshop item:

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I would love to re-size that but i only have my phone

You could do [ t]imageurl[/t]. Make sure to remove the space in the first tag.

Thank you for giving me a chance to repost this

its alt-f4 ?

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Like this? [noparse]
Use noparse tags

Getting old threads bumped gg

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Also my profile is full of 8/10 hilarity. In comments and custom text box.


He wasn’t the one who bumped it, this is actually a new thread. Read the post date from the OP.

Hey, try reading the OP’s name and the one who made that comment you replied to…

[sp] He was referring to the other thread, the one that was linked [/sp]

So why did he complain about thread bumping when the OP didn’t bump the thread, he made a new one instead.

Why does your damn addon have giant ass play and stop buttons?

OP said to code_gs good job for mentioning an old thread (not really old tbh) that will now be bumped and was bumped because of it.

F10 + Enter

Thank you everyone for giving me braincanceraids with these comments. That’s way too much stupidity to hold up for me… I’ll go kill myself, I’m god damn done with humanity.

Gee idk, because those are going to be the most used buttons and maybe i thought. Heeeey wouldnt it be fun if i had them play hunt for the 1x1 pixel button instead of making things easy?

Not sure if you posted this to advertise your addon or to ask for help

I was strongly debating if i should have linked it. Felt the context was needed in the end. Also i wouldnt mind the source for other posts

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Also people needed to know that 69 comments was legit