Workshop content and server with the new update

Alright so their was a new update for those of you who do not know it came out yesterday. I updated my server and I was trying to get a jihad addon and it didn’t work so I created a thread and someone told me most of the workshop content is broken when installing into servers with the new update because the workshop content hasn’t been updated. I am not sure if this is quite the case but I was wondering if anyone had a collection of the jihad bomb that works with the new update on their servers (TTT). If anyone can link me to that, that would help alot.

What. A lot of the content on the workshop isn’t broken. What do you mean your jihad addon “didn’t work”.

I have a jihad that works. Not sure if it was from the workshop or I ended up just downloading it. Anyway, here.

I know what my comment says. I think I ended up fixing the problem. If I knew where my Jihad is stored on my server I’d upload it for you

I know it isn’t all broken that is quoted from a person who replied on one of my post about the jihad not working correctly with my server. I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with installing workshop content into their servers with the new update

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This is the one that I actually tried using funny enough :smiley: and it did not work. I am new at lua coding so I might’ve missed something but if you can find away to get the jihad bomb addon you use on your server and the other things that go with it as well like the:
resource.AddWorkshop ( “workshopid” )
that would be amazing.

resource.AddWorkshop is similar to resource.AddFile as it only downloads the addon to the client. You’ll need to make a collection and add it to your server or you can extract the addon and upload it.