Workshop Download Crashes

It seems to be that when I download an addon that’s over a certain size (SCars Basic + Extra, Silverlan’s Skyrim and Fallout SNPCs and most big maps are some examples) my download reaches 100% and then my whole Steam crashes.
When I boot up GMod again, the download restarts and the only way to cancel it is via the Workshop website.
If there isn’t a fix for this, is there a way to download addons outside of GMod?

That would be the only other option. I suggest searching through the items to see if they have what you are looking for.

Note the disclaimer at the top of the page on the website.

Thanks, but I meant through the workshop: like, perhaps a link to the file via the browser.
However, it doesn’t look like it.
No ideas for a fix?

Have same problem but with one addon so far.
When workshop trying to download this:

It crashes Gmod and Steam,too.