Workshop download vs. Server download

So I have my own TTT server, and I am planning to add around 40 custom maps, which would add up to around 50 maps, and I was wondering, would it take ages to join the server? And if it does, should I make people download maps from workshop as they join or just have them download from the server?

A map is usually sent when the player joins the game session. It only sends the current map the server is on, but you could have them preload the maps by having them download them from the workshop when they join.
The only draw back I can see is that they would have a laggy time for the duration of the downloads.

You could always just give them links to the maps in workshop and suggest an option for them to download them there prior to joining.

So would it be faster to make them download the maps from workshop as they are joining/loading the game?

Only the map you are CURRENTLY ON, so make sure to add individual maps to the collection and don’t put them in a single addon.