Workshop downloading addons but not putting them into game?

So my darkrp server was working fine for the longest time, but now the workshop addons do not appear to be working. When I join the server it says downloading, mount, completed, but when I get ingame they do not appear. It is most likely a stupid error on my part.

What my workshop file looks like:


What do you think I used to make this?

In order for addons to mount on server resource.AddWorkshop isn’t enough. resource.AddWorkshop forces addons to be sent to client, it won’t mount or download them on server. See your server console output for any errors if you actually use the proper way in the link I posted.

I am using TCadmin, do you have any idea how I would add that to this command line?

There should be something like “Custom launch options” that has required fields.

It does not have this, is there a file I can edit?

How do you start up your server? If it’s from a .bat file, you can edit that.

Ask your host to add the extra parameters for you, which would be your workshop collection and API key

Do you own the TCAdmin or are you using a GSP (Game Service Provider)?

I’m using TCAdmin aswell…

You’re provider is either restricting access, or is hella outdated