Workshop downloads for servers - Not working for me


I’ve been trying ages to get FastDL to work and gave up now. So I’m now using the Workshop version for clients to DL content for the server. Using this page: and this video: I made a collection…

This is whats in my start-up line…
-authkey “The key is here” +host_workshop_collection “181734588”

From this I would have thought users would download to the content, but they don’t… The server has been restarted since adding the commands.

I got my authkey by putting into creating an auth key…(The same URL as the video suggested)

Any help will be much appreciated,

You need to create a resource.AddWorkshop file.

Right, I’ve added the resource.AddWorkshop, but I already had a fastdl file (Which didnt work), so I added the resourceworkshop thing to this… This is what it currently looks like.

The file is saved in lua/autorun/server under the name of fastdl.lua
Would this work?

Either move the file to lua/autorun or delete the “if (SERVER) then” and “end”.