Workshop Downloads only When active.

So is there anyway to make my server download a map from the workshop only when that map is active or it has been changed to that map? I have a FastDL but I think it would be better in the long run to use Workshop its faster to so…
Thanks guys!

Use my addon or any one of a few others that do this.

ok so what I’m I supposed to do here I still add it to my add.lua and it only downloads it when is that map? or do I leave it out and it dose it for me?

Says in console scanning 0 addons…

If you configure the server to pull the map from a workshop collection using an API key, it will automatically send the current map to the client.

ok so I made a collection so then I just add the start command to my server?

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nvm got it this is just what I wanted thanks so much man!!!