Workshop files not downloading for clients.

Recently I wanted to add M9K weapons to my DarkRP server, I added them into a collection and added to the collection to the server using this method. On start the server mounts the files correctly and everything goes smooth, although when a user joins it’s doesn’t download the pack to their client like I expect it would and they can’t see them as a result. It downloads everything from FastDL as normal but nothing downloads from workshop. I’m wondering if I’ve missed a step or done something wrong, any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Create a lua file in lua/autorun/server with lines of resource.Addworkshop(“workshopidhere”) for each addon in your collection (collections by themselves aren’t supported).

Ah! Thank you so much!

Don’t know if it is just me but do the addons actually download?

Do the download options block this? Really annoying having to download tons of garbage just to join some random server (I stop joining and blacklist as soon as I see it).

Not sure.