Workshop is broken: Cannot tell if addon is subscribed

Is anyone else’s workshop broken? For Gmod I look at addons in the workshop and it is impossible to tell if I’ve subscribed before or not as there is no tick mark for anything. I can only check in subscribed items if I have it.

Anyone else get this annoying problem?

Hold up let me check as well.

Edit: Yeah while browsing through the workshop I’ve hovered over
addons I already got installed and it still shows a + instead of a Checkmark.


but whatever, if you think you’ve installed that addon, just click + agian,
it wont add it twice.

Hmm alright thanks, I hope this error gets fixed soon as it’s really confusing.

No problem :stuck_out_tongue: and same

Just checked today and the problem seems to have been fixed. Cheers Valve/Facepunch.