Workshop Issue

This maybe a known bug or something, but I’m new to this so be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve added a prop to the toybox, tested it as your average addon and that’s working, but it’s not showing up in my workshop. Anything I might have missed about the whole process or some minimum requirements I need to know about?

The model needs to be compressed and mirrored first. Have a look in content, at your file there - does it have something next to it?

Compression is finnished. It’s not showing up in my workshop, but I put it live for a few seconds and it worked just fine, only a little scaling to do but, is there something I need to do like be signed into steam or something?

Having the same issue aswell (thanks to people commenting “Weenurs perskin”, I’m still working on fixing the jacket), it’s kinda hard to get everything sorted up when nothing is showing up in the Workshop. :v:


It’s related to the Toybox portal, since it still doesn’t show anything when opening it in a browser.

Errr bump, everything works when I put it live, doesn’t do anything when I put it in the workshop. It’s not anywhere. Compression is also finished.