workshop.lua and Collection Issue

I have hosted servers in the past; and have never encountered this particular issue. Essentially, I have set up workshop.lua, (In the correct place -> garrysmod/lua/autorun/server)

it is exactly as follows:

resource.AddWorkshop(“573644265”)-- HUD
resource.AddWorkshop(“738570974”)-- Cadet
resource.AddWorkshop(“107395658”)-- Geth
resource.AddWorkshop(“173932955”)-- Scifi Models
resource.AddWorkshop(“173923845”)-- Scifi Models2
resource.AddWorkshop(“284266415”)-- Scifi Props
resource.AddWorkshop(“116877922”)-- Bloodpack Krogan
resource.AddWorkshop(“107232181”)-- Commander Shepard Not Broken
resource.AddWorkshop(“258610469”)-- Garus Turians
resource.AddWorkshop(“438641850”)-- More Geth
resource.AddWorkshop(“569646248”)-- House Models
resource.AddWorkshop(“569702915”)-- House Models2
resource.AddWorkshop(“519453905”)-- Krogan Models and NPCs
resource.AddWorkshop(“114350452”)-- Mercenary Armour
resource.AddWorkshop(“156854625”)-- Playermodels and Ragdolls
resource.AddWorkshop(“117152794”)-- ME2 Players and NPCS
resource.AddWorkshop(“153107823”)-- Husk playermodels
resource.AddWorkshop(“104806946”)-- Mecenary Commander
resource.AddWorkshop(“255885588”)-- Even More Geth
resource.AddWorkshop(“222287348”)-- Legion
resource.AddWorkshop(“106369732”)-- Furniture and Props
resource.AddWorkshop(“132912382”)-- Vehicles and Shit
resource.AddWorkshop(“144328989”)-- Mass Effect Weapons
resource.AddWorkshop(“284017501”)-- Civilian Props
resource.AddWorkshop(“106478898”)-- Collector Armour
resource.AddWorkshop(“652185914”)-- Citadel Map

Obviously the obnoxious capitals in the bracets are not in the file.

However, it seems they downloaded only the first addon, and still see missing textures on the map, (Citadel at the bottom of the file), yes the ‘required addons’ are also there. It is not the comments after each line, as this issue began before I added them, I just added them so that if I had to, I knew what it was I was getting rid of.

The collection is also set up in the commandline,

-console -game garrysmod -condebug -nohltv -maxplayers 70 +ip -port 27115 +map rp_citadel_b2.bsp +gamemode masseffectrp +rcon_password “censored” +host_workshop_collection 873677159 -authkey censored

The collection is published, and has the correct content, it was also mounting to the server when first set-up. Unsure what I’ve done wrong, and would love for someone to correct me or show me where I have done so.

-Thanks a lot!

You stated the “required addons” are there, yet I’m only seeing two or three when there’s 12 addons required for that map.

My bad, some of the props are infact missing from the DL, I think it may not have saved when last edited. Either way, they’re all in the collection

You still need to use resource.AddWorkshop on all of them.

Don’t name your file workshop.lua. It can conflict with other addons that name their file the same thing.

Have changed the name, and added all of them to what is now, meresource.lua.

Thank you both, I will let you know if it worked

// Update

I unsub’d from the addons and it appeared to work for me at least, however, I’ll have to wait for the other users to be on tomorrow to check in a more efficient manor.