Workshop management

Currently workshop’s in such a mess, there are tons of the same addons reuploaded as the ‘servercontent’, and even my server’s team had to do this simply because if the author of addon wants to update their script, we won’t be able to return to previous version. Not to mention that if we’re to use other server’s package they could change it / drop from workshop / upload backdoor, etc. As a result, there are gigabytes of the same data on facepunch (or steam?) servers. Isn’t it better to make an option to keep all the versions of the addon on workshop? And another option for serverowners to autoupdate. I understand it could be a bit of mess to have all the versions of big (>1gb) addons, like may be models, but at least it could be up to the author if they decide to let previous version stay or be removed.
For example, there are two packages for TFA base in workshop: one for darkrp and another with newer updates which could make compability issues for darkrp; in the system that I suggest here, there would be only one TFA base addon with different versions to download; or the package with playermodels would be the initial version, then author decides to add some more and rename previous models, but servers are still subscribed to initial version so their models wouldn’t get messed.
Escpecially since many addons are just lua code ~200kilobytes at max.
May be different approaches for small (<40mb) and big (~200mb and more) addons? Or different categories for models & lua code? Like, for swep package, make one repository with models for that package and the addons which would use these models would autoconnect (may be something with adding workshop ids manually to the code) with them?
1 swep package = 1 lua code package and 1 models package
then someone wants to edit swep’s damage, they simply edit lua files, upload to workshop and add ‘models’ from swep package as required item, then anyone who would subscribe to the ‘edited’ swep package would be checked if they are already subscribed to models: if true then ignore else auto subscribe.

Just use the extracted version of the addon if you don’t want it to be updated.

That’s how things are now: tons of copypasted addons for each server. Isn’t it expensive to store so much data on workshop? Wouldn’t be better to optimize?

Not sure why you’re worried about the cost of storing this data. In addition to this, splitting packages into code and models/materials would further saturate the workshop - surely something you’re against.

Valve owns the workshop, so you’re talking to the wrong people. I don’t even know why you care so much about how they’re storing data. It’s none of your concern. You’re not the one paying for it.