Workshop map downloads "Missing Map"

So I host a DarkRP server with my own made map. The map is on the workshop collection which is on the servers commandline, from what I understand players are meant to download the map automatically as they join without me doing resource.AddWorkshop (Which still doesn’t work) but players are getting a missing map error occasionally. Although it’s occasional it usually takes a couple of tries before it actually downloads, which as you can imagine is very detrimental to the servers reputation.

“Gamemodes that are workshop enabled are automatically added to this list - so there’s no need to add them.
The server’s current map is also automatically added, if it is loaded from a workshop addon.”

Am I doing something wrong here? Because it’s on the workshop collection (Which is on the server) and it’s being resource.AddWorkshop.

Server IP?

Do you get “Making workshop map available for client download” message when starting the server?
Does the map actually download, but just never mounts/still says map not found?


Only thing I see related to the map in console is: Map file wasn’t found, copying it from addon…

EDIT: Just saw “Making workshop map available for client download”

Well I just joined the server from Dev branch with all the files and the map downloaded properly and it all works?

Here’s the console log:

Just had this happen again, on another server

Client “[GG] Stooge” connected (
Dropped [GG] Stooge from server (Map is missing)

Map we’re running is straight from Workshop. Some people are fine but a few aren’t