Workshop Map Help

Hey everyone, so recently I’ve been trying to add the rp_evocity_v2d map to my DarkRP server so I can once and for all put the server public. I found the map in the workshop, and I have put the numbers and all that jazz into the workshop file and into the server FTP, but I still can’t seem to find out how to switch the server to that map. Despite it being in the workshop file, I see no way to make it work on the server.
If you guys can help I would appreciate it a lot,

Is anybody able to help me with this? I would really like to put that map onto the server so I can get it up and running

Try putting it manually, not through the workshop system.

I would try doing it manually, but I can’t seem to fine the .bsp file for it anywhere. Workshop is the only place I know it is at that should work. All the other download I seem to run into aren’t of that map, or just don’t work.

Couldnt you extract the file from the GMA? Thats what I would do.

You can indeed extract it from the .gma - See garry’s GMad tool.