Workshop/Model Issue

Hello. I’m new to making addons and I have a issue I’m unable to solve. I created a test project called “Padlock” to see if I could do everything correctly and make sure im ready to make better models along the way.

Currently the prop spawns inside the game but shows up purple and black. And I am unable to find tutorials or other means of help, and basically this is my last resort.

Here is a screenshot of everything that might have to do with it.
I used “Studio Compiler” by CannonFodder.

Thanks for any incoming help.

$cdmaterials should be a path relative to the material folder in the game folder.

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$cdmaterials “models/test/”
will make the model search for materials in

steam/steamapps/garrys mod/garrysmod/materials/models/test/
( any addon or whatever will work too )

and the texture file names are defined in the .smd ( or in the program you use to export smds )

Alright. When I add the file names in (Maya 2012) - is what I use. Its when I “Assign new material” ?