Workshop Private Addons--ARRRRRGH!

Why the hell are people making their content on the workshop private? It’s really getting frustrating! Every time I see a model pack I’m interested in, it tells me it’s either hidden or private. Obviously it’s not hidden, otherwise I’d be unable to see it. But seriously every time!

Metro 2033 models? Private.
Star Wars Rebel soldiers? Private.
Star Wars fighter tank? PRIVATE!

Seriously why do the packs even appear in the public workshop if they’re private? They shouldn’t be available to view in the general workshop. The only way they should be known of is if someone with the requirements goes on that person’s page.

End rant. Sorry, this is really irritating me.

I really think its a steam issue. The screenshots I have been sharing have been set to Private by default and wont let me change it till AFTER I upload it and visit the page.

I ran into that too. It’s frustrating. I think its a glitch in the Workshop.

While it does suck that stuff that is private is showing in the searches.

Many people are probably used it to mount there server content on for a few reasons. One of them being (I was told, not tested) that running them as a packed addon is much more efficient.

It might be because when you use the command line version of the Work shopper, it sets the add on as private until you do testing to make sure it works and then set it to public.

If its private they sohuld really upload it somewhere else this is really annoying.

No, the private should work properly.

Those aren’t even made by the uploader. I made them, and can upload them for you. I’ve got some more rebel soldiers in their Woodland camo and their Urban camo.

Please do. I wanna make some Star Wars poses =3

a lot of them are because the creator hasnt accepted the new workshop legal agreement so all their stuff gets hidden/marked private until they do

Well it’s definitely not hidden. I can plainly see it.

Although I’d rather it were hidden so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Sorry for the delay, I would’ve uploaded it this weekend but my computer decided it was time to go.
Thank god I was building another computer. I’m in the process of moving everything I over from my old computer.

Isn’t it weird that whenever someone has a bunch of models they need to release, something goes wrong with their computer? It’s a plauge in the modeling section…

They’re up? -runs off to sub-

No… Not yet, like I said, I need to get everything off of that harddrive. That’s where everything is.

Oh okay. Thanks :slight_smile:

Rant the second: Every STALKER model pack I get is missing so many textures! Why can’t people get them to work? DX

What games have you mounted? A ridiculous amount of addons require CS:S, unfortunately.

CS:S, HL2 and episode 1, Age of Chivalry.

There are probably others, but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

Besides, it shouldn’t matter. I should be able to download them anyway. If I needed something else mounted, I’d still be able to download them, but they just wouldn’t spawn or be missing textures, etc.