Workshop - Publish Workshop File Failed (25)

I’m trying to update some workshop content for my server but for some reason each time I update I’m thrown this curveball.

Seconds after compressing, it blabers that it has succeeded in uploading. It hasn’t because when I go check, nothing has changed.

So logically I’ve tried uploading a test addon and I’m given this response:

Publish Workshop File Failed (25)

Referencing back the error to this thread I’m told “k_EResultLimitExceeded = 25, // Too much of a good thing”

Anyone have some knowledge on this? I’m stumped.


I found this thread and it appears to be the exact same issue but unfortunately doesn’t seem to have a resolution… So I’m still stumped.


I’ve since attempted uploading on a secondary machine using the same steam account and to my luck, it seems I’m unable to update or post any content to my workshop.

After a few months, I went back to trying to creating a new workshop file and it seems the problem has not changed.

The thumbnail image needs to be less than 1mb. Verify that it is.

Read the log again, slowly.
32.8 KB

Read it even slower, it says DELETING meaning it’s the old one… The new one can still be over 1 mb.

Is there a reason you rated me dumb or did you only do it out of arrogance?

Whatever that means.

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From what I found, MelonShooter is right, it’s related to preview image filesize.