Workshop redownloading everytime


I have an serious problem, i have to download everytime the addons that i added to the server via workshop (about 15-20 files) and it pisses me really off, and my users went away because they dont wanted to play there anymore, because they had to download everytime the same shit.

my question to you: how can i solve this problem? i know i can do it via fastDL but i don’t want to i want to download via workshop!!


The only thing I can think of is verifying your game cache.
This will comparer your install to the copy on steam servers to see if there are any errors.

In your steam library, right click on garrysmod, go to property’s.
Next, go to local content, and finally, verify game cache.

If you are redownloading constantly, you don’t have a resource.AddWorkshop file.