Workshop reloading

Hello Facepunch, been a while! :rock:

So I’ve experienced this problem for quite some time now, every time I open up workshop in Garrysmod and try to literally do anything (or nothing) it takes some seconds and then the workshop page shuts down.
When I re open the workshop it refreshes to the main page again, even if I was on page 3 before it shut down, it kinda spazzes out.

Any fix on this would be awesome, tho am I the only one with this problem? :rolleyes:

Bump because of the fact that it’s still there.

Still bumping.

I’ve also got the same problem where when i click on the little tabby for workshop, if i scroll at all it will continually freak out and keep going on and off, eventually crashing workshop and resetting whatever page i was on to home. Any fix on that next update? its really annoying

What I did was I got the GMod workshop URL and changed “requirelogin=true” to “requirelogin=false” that might work