Workshop Resource Generator



  1. Put a workshop collection id into the textbox (can be multiple id’s, separated by commas)
  2. Click Navigate
  3. Click Generate
  4. Copy contents from big textbox into your fastdl file

Download Link:!olsDGCzC!TiJ0tW0aOmqsiC3jx-PSlx68gKQ2RU3N7VYtkYayj9I
Virus Scan:

If this is not the right section please tell me.

Thank you Kogitsune for the excellent ideas.

Improvement ideas:

Allow us to enter just the collection ID
Either use a multiline textbox or comma delimited entry so multiple collections can be added
Have Generate perform the actions that Navigate does
Prompt the user to save the file rather than copying it out of a text box.

This could be a handy tool for people who like having a lot of things on the server.

I’ll start doing all of that now :slight_smile:

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New stuff has been added

…and command line like so would be useful:

where the x’s are the collection ids, and “workshop.lua” is the output file.

… or even print it to stdout so we can just do

I posted a script to simply let you manage workshop content for your server with only steam (insert collection ID into script, never touch the script again and just use steam to manage your collection) awhile back.

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just plop that into autorun/server/workshopgenerator.lua (combine the two code boxes into one file, in order)

remember to change some_id_here near the bottom of the file to a steam collection ID

Dudes, that’s insane, both of your solutions… How can this have so few answers…

Just thank you <3

There is this website that is kind of like what your doing, I have been using it for a long time now and it super useful. I have not tested out what your making but if it like this no point of remaking the wheel.

Holy necro bump, jesus.

Well, I guess I might as well promote my own solution.

Even better <3

“READ THIS: This addon is a tool for server operators. It is not useful for normal players. Do not complain about it not doing anything exciting.”

This is the reason you got 4 stars ? Seriously ?

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I guess there’s no way to avoid making client download lua only addons (as they’re already sent by server) ?