Workshop Server File Errors - Post Them

I am trying to get my workshop to work (hey that’s catchy). Here is my workshop.vdf:

	"1"	"105115318"
	"2"	"104479831"
	"3"	"105244669"
	"4"	"104502728"	
	"5"	"107152155"		
	"6"	"104493173"
	"7"	"104771157"
	"8"	"104517446"
	"9"	"104673814"
	"10"	"104673482"
	"11"	"105955548"
	"12"	"107896714"
	"13"	"104480013"
	"14"	"104619813"
	"15"	"107016156"
	"16"	"104569698"
	"17"	"104506404"
	"18"	"104482086"
	"19"	"105862893"
	"20"	"104479467"
	"21"	"106958912"
	"22"	"107871399"
	"23"	"105565372"
	"24"	"104492363"
	"25"	"104483020"
	"26"	"104962104"
	"27"	"106926982"
	"28"	"104506205"
	"29"	"104487316"
	"30"	"104651870"
	"31"	"104648051"
	"32"	"104691717"
	"33"	"106565409"

Here are the errors I am getting:

Processing Workshop Addons
Getting list from "workshop.vdf"
KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer:  got empty keyname in file workshop
response, publishedfiledetails, 14, 0, (*tags*), (*1*), 
KeyValues Error: LoadFromBuffer: missing { in file workshop
(*response*), (*32*), (*tags*), (*3*), (*tag*), (*1*), 
Mounting Addon 'Fading Door STool' (105115318)
Mounting Addon 'Stacker STool' (104479831)
Mounting Addon 'Grapple Hook' (105244669)
Mounting Addon 'Firearms Source Weapons For Gmod 13' (104502728)
Download Failed!
Mounting Addon 'DarkRP Replacement Scoreboard' (107152155)
Mounting Addon 'Glow Tool' (104493173)
Mounting Addon 'Re-Located STools' (104771157)
Mounting Addon 'WTiberium' (104517446)
Mounting Addon 'Life Support 2' (104673814)
Mounting Addon 'Resource Distribution 2' (104673482)
Mounting Addon 'No Collide Everything' (105955548)
Mounting Addon 'Garry's Bombs 3 w/Icons' (107896714)
Mounting Addon 'Weight STool' (104480013)
Mounting Addon 'Half-Life 2 Tools' (104619813)
Mounting Addon 'Weapon storage' (107016156)

Also, I know a lot of people are having problems with workshop. Feel free to reply with your issues if you want a GOOD support thread for Workshop.

Anyone know whats wrong here?

I’ve had the exact same problem on my server. I’ve searched high and low for a solution but no dice.


I have the same problem and because of that I cannot add some cool addons. :frowning:
Only 4 addons load the rest just keeps getting skipped.

Can’t install SCars Slim because of this. Stops at 19% almost every time with “Download Failed!”

I have the same problem, has it been fixed?

Yep I’m getting this too.

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ok I fixed it by enabling one workshop addon after one and see what caused the error, I disabled that one that caused the error and now everything works fine again.

What I did too.
For me it was keypad STool and cracker… ._.

A workaround for this is to figure out which addon is causing the error and put it at the bottom of your workshop.vdf, it will still mount that way. If you have two addons causing keyvalues errors I think you might just be SOL at the moment. Probably best to just extract and run it as a legacy addon.

You can also subscribe to the addon then copy it from your game addons folder to your server addons folder, then rename it “ds_<workshop_id>.gma”.
This is very annoying anyway.

Or just use +host_workshop_collection

I got the same problem with it too.
i have been in contact with my sever provider and they say
Steam only allows a set amount of time that it can be downloaded in. when it goes over it will failed the download.

Workshop.vdf is no longer working.