Workshop Solution for UNIX?

So, as we all know, legacy addons are broken for no reason on UNIX OSes.
I’ve basically been living under a rock for the entire beta development cycle, so it would really help me if someone could explain why the addition of Workshop somehow broke regular addons.
Anyways, my main point in coming here is, when will Mac and Linux have their own uploaders to Workshop? If Garry could get a couple people to complie and debug it for mac and linux that would be terrific, because as it is workshop is the only way to put addons on these OSes.
Using WINE to try and do it has been problematic for me and even the native windows uploader fails because I’m missing a dll file that i dont have permission to install.

At the VERY LEAST just let us Mac and Linux users have whatever marvelous secret technology that you guys use to compile addons for workshop. I’ve yet to see an explanation on here explaining why a gma packer hasnt been released, even for windows.

Needless to say I’ll be grateful for ANY solution at this point.

Rename info.txt to addon.txt in legacy addons and they’ll load.

They havent.

My server must run on black magic then because I’ve used legacy addons with it since day 1

It hasn’t worked on my Macbook.

we’re talking about clients here
nice try

Matt was talking about loading legacy addons

nice try

Yea? I renamed all of them addon.txt like I stated before, and it still didn’t work despite this.

nicer try this time.

Banana’s talking about on servers (I guess Matt is too), BFG and I are talking about game clients.

Clients should also be respecting legacy addons, I know windows does

I rest my case

They aren’t though, hence this thread.

It looks like Mac doesn’t (found some bug threads) but my point is that he also said UNIX and Linux legacy addons do work. This has gone a little too far off-topic, didn’t garry say about a day ago he was working on the CLI workshopper anyway?

Oh? Well I hope to see that soon then.