Workshop - Subscribe to another person's subscriptions

I have 2 accounts with gmod on them, I want to play sandbox with my little sister, but I can’t one by one subscribe to all 170+ of my addons.

I’ve tried to extract the .gmas, move them to the other computer, and all kinds of things, but it’s not really working.

Is there a way I can go on my alt account’s profile, press a button, and i’m subscribed to the same stuff as my main acc?

Pretty sure there isn’t.
Copying the .gma files over should work fine though, you shouldn’t even need to extract them.

Create a list of addons that can be subscribed to, subscribe both accounts to it. Should do the trick and will synchronise updates nicely.

You could also probably create a symbolic link between the two addon folders, assuming GMod cares about them, to stop it from needing to download everything twice when you add something to the list or something updates.

I tried copying the gmas but it didn’t work.


The answer is no.

Having 170 addons is a little much. Maybe it is a good thing that you have to start fresh? Remember that the more addons you have, the more addons you have to load up when you start gmod.

You could always make a collection on the workshop, put all of your subscribed addons in it, and then have the other account subscribe to the collection.

You won’t even have to open up the 170+ addon pages, since the collection editor has a convenient list of all your subscriptions that you can just click on to add them in.

Exactly! A collection is what needs to be made; also, if you extract each and every GMA, you’re asking for trouble, lag, and slow loading times.

Yeah, before the advent of workshop even just loading a few addons like wiremod and a weapon pack for a server, along with a couple others (which totaled less than ten) was significantly slower than just going vanilla. With workshop, load times are barely impacted at all, and now I have over a hundred addons on a regular basis.

It wouldn’t take more than ten minutes to open them all up in new tabs, line your mouse up with the subscribe button on one of them, click subscribe, close the tab with ctrl+w so your mouse stays above the subscribe button, subscribe the next addon, close the tab, repeat.

Obviously it’s not as ideal as generating a collection of all your addons and then just subbing the collection, but it’s definitely not a hard thing to do.