Workshop Time Restriction

Hi, recently I’ve taken a large interest in S&box after play garrys mod since I was little. I was tempted to see how/if I could possibly get access to the game. After reading the way the queue is processed a thought crossed my mind. While I do understand why the workshop content time restriction was created, I’m not saying it should be removed. But, I would like to provide my input as why the system is slightly flawed. As time moves on more people take interest in languages such as C#. Therefore by having this time restriction you could be passing up on some talented developers who could potentially contribute to s&box. But still, if the restriction was removed there most likely would be many cases of people contributing to the workshop just to gain access to s&box and yet proceed to not develop anything for s&box. If anyone has an idea on how this system could possibly be improved feel free to leave a reply. I’m not trying to stew up any drama so if you believe that my argument is invalid also feel free to leave a reply. Thanks for reading my post :slight_smile:

It’s not a perfect system by far, Garry has already mentioned this and has tried other types of invite access systems. Also to those who have been making additional workshop content after July (i forget which day exactly) don’t actually count towards the rank queue. Only past workshop files do.

You are right to an extent that many will want to take up the language and start creating things for s&box but the issue is how do we exactly discern those who might actually build something worthwhile vs the person who solely wants access to just have it and it just sit there?

At the same time actual game modes being created with the thought that they will just work going forward is not what this access is for. Although a few will actually make playable game modes and keep them up to date till the release of the game (Steam early access) the code behind s&box is in a constant state of flux and will break your game. Anyone using this game currently as is to learn C# I personally think it’s not the way to go. You can still learn C# without this game and bring all your knowledge you have on release.

I think the queue is flawed for sure. But I rather have Garry and the team work on the actual game and stop working or bothering with this queue system.

Everyone will get their time to work with s&box eventually we just need to be patient.

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I completely agree with everything you said, the reason of this post wasn’t to point out the obvious flaws it was to hopefully get insight on what we could propose to improve it. Also, your statement about allowing garry and his team to develop the game without worrying about the queue system is right. I am not trying to get the queue system changed. I am simply asking to brainstorm ideas. Personally I think it’s a decent way to differentiate passionate developers and people that just want the game. Thanks for your reply.




Literally yes