Workshop timeout?

I was setting up a server for a friend with his specified addons (in his collection).

I however noticed something,

Workshops that take a while to download automatically “Download Failed!”

Is there a timeout on the workshop? And if so why was it added, that’s REALLY annoying.

There’s a 64MB download cap per addon as far as I know.
That’s for dedicated servers only. No idea why it’s there.

Download the addon on your client, copy it on to your server, and rename it ds_workshopid.gma

Thank you both for the response,

But I’m not talking about the 64 MB cap.

I’m talking about the fact that the download randomly terminates in the middle of it, if it has been running for a decent amount of time

I know copying the addon over with the workshop id will fix it, and i’ve done so. I’m just wondering why downloads are killing over in the middle of them.

Its as if the steam workshop is terminating the connection or something.

Robotboy is correct.

I’m aware.

I’m rather iffy on that though, due to the fact that before even trying to download the addon, it grabs the content-length, terminating the HTTP request if it is too large.

As seen above, it will warn you if the file is too large and instantaneously fail your download. (And without a
too, oh god it drives me crazy.)

Even upon investigation of the addon file, its only 50MB, however my download speed on my box is slow, causing a LOT of the downloads to fail because they take so long.

Well, then the connection must be closed by Steam servers and there’s infact a timeout or something.