Workshop Tools Linux Support

I currently do not have access to S&box, but from what I have seen online, the workshop tools are launched from a .exe file. Additionally I have noticed that other sources 2 games do not have the workshop tools available on Linux.

It would be awesome if the s&box workshop tools were available on linux, especially since Valve is pushing for more linux support with proton, steamos, steam deck etc. I do not if this is possible, but it would be very nice if it could be implemented :slight_smile:

Hello.Most likely, source 2 can easily compile a game for Linux, or proton will launch a sbox (google translate)

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S&box will not be actively supporting Linux outside of dedicated servers (google translate)

Will it be possible to run the workshop tools with proton?

it could be possible but no guarantee (bing translator)


the steam deck operating system is ran off of steam OS which is basically a custom linux distro, so I assume it will be supported on linux.

So it seems like Proton will work just fine with running the game itself, but based off what I have found online about Half Life Alyx, the workshop tools will not work well with proton or WINE. This suggests to me that the s&box workshop tools won’t work right either. Guess I’ll have to dualboot windows or use a vm :frowning: