Workshop update prompt

It would be very nice if you could dictate when your addons update.

This way when I just want to start Garry’s Mod for 2 seconds I don’t have to be barraged by the huge updates by addons.
Also would allow for me to start Garry’s Mod with my account on another computer without having to redownload every last addon.

As for the possible bad placement of thread, there is not exactly a board for suggestions so, I put it here.

I think the way it works right now is fine, the only thing I would want is a way of knowing what version of file is, and being able to view a change-log would be nice as well.

i miss svn
shit was semi-auto, like you had control over what you get and when you get it, and boom it gets it for you
not like the workshop crap garry is pushing

Yeah having one click install and auto update - what a load of crap!

Nothing’s stopping you from NOT using the workshop and staying with SVN.

Agree with garry. The only problem is that most things dont update anymore with SVN and I miss D: