Workshop Uploader stops at last stage

When I am at the last stage of the upload process and i click finish the uploader freezes and after around 15minutes it unfreezes and stays at the same screen

this screen

it lets me click finish again and again and repeats the 15 minute wait.
When i check how much cpu usage its using, it is using around 50% when its in the 15minute wait part.
I have tried uploading on 2 diffrent computers with the same results.

I have suscessfully uploaded addons previously on the same 2 machines.

I’m also not being able to upload anything from the command line uploader.
PublishWorkshopFile Failed! (25)

When i am at the last stage of the process it lets me click finish and it goes through the upload process but does no go to uploading to steamworks page and just goes back to that image above. i get no error message

Got the latest version? Are you using the gmpublish.exe in your Garry’s Mod bin folder?

yes i have the latest version. whats this “gmpublish.exe” you speak of?
i run the publisher from my desktop.
i have uploaded addons successfully previously.

@Bo98 I’m using gmpublish, and I get that error.

Sometimes the updater isn’t in sync with the latest version of GMod.

i cant seem to download gmpublish. can anyone give me a link?

superdodo said he had the same problem with GMPublish.

Bo98, I think I reached my Workshop upload limit.
Error 25 = Limit reached?
I’m not sure if this corresponds.

How big is your addon?

The compressed GMA has a (currently) limit of 100MB.

GMA’s have around a 70% compression rate, so you could (roughly) have 300MB of files being reduced in size by 70%. So you would just run it through the publisher, and hope it gets compressed down to under 100MB. I see you have over 2,400 files being added there. I’m not sure what any of those files are but I’m assuming it probably won’t fit in the 300MB limit if it’s models and materials and whatnot.

If you didn’t know, a GMA is the archived file format your addon gets compressed into to be put on the workshop.

the total size is 278mb. i have uploaded bigger ones around 307mb
i have also uploaded one with 5,589 files, 300mb. and another with 7,145 files, 302mb.

and yes. i do know what a GMA is. these addons are for my server.

now im getting error 16 using gmpublish
and error 37