Workshop won't download ingame or in the Steam client.

ive had an issue lately where workshop just won’t download at all either ingame or in the client.

when i attempt to download it with the client it stays at 0 bytes and does literally nothing past that.

when i attempt it ingame it, again, does nothing

and after a while i get this error and it just skips to the next addon, which does nothing as well.

ive googled around, searched this forum, and basically tried every solution as well as reinstalling multiple times and it doesnt work.
unfortunately it doesnt seem to be an issue with gmod exclusively becuase it’s happened on other games, but has eventually worked.

Try changing download region in Steam.

changed the region from US st louis to US chicago and the problem persists
same errors as well

same in client

no disk usage and no bytes per second either

Contact Steam about it then, its a bug with their service after all.