will there be a work shop to download models like gmod?

I can probably see Garry and his team adding a way to use different user made things/models without it being limited to a gamemode or map eventually, be it during development or at release. Most likely during development if that’s the case.

Otherwise, Github could still be valid option. Maybe not an official or perfect option but an option nonetheless. Heck the players might make their own workshop. : V

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Back in the day, GMod addons were obtained either from the Facepunch website or from individual addons creators websites and such. You had to manually install them yourself.

You can just select the workshop option on the developer site when making your gamemode.

An addon system hasn’t quite been sorted out yet but on the S&Box dev site there is an option to have your gamemode/map point to a workshop link, so it seems like they have plans to add Steam Workshop support.