WorkshopDL Box

I made this derma box that will display on first spawn and when you use the console command “OpenWSDL”. It asks users if they want to be directed to your content page to make sure they have all the glorious content for your server. Minor, easy addon that will hopefully benefit someone.

Stop using usermessages.

I should probably use the net library then, right?


usermessage still exploited by sending a text with code in it and server will exec it?

what the fuck are you talking about

Not unless you can’t code

i dont realy remember how there is a way to send a usermessage and the server will exec a lua code if you write it in a way,
bottom line you write your code that you want to be exec by server in a weird way there and it does it

Got bored and changed the usermessage to net… in case people really wanted it… you can find the change here

Sorry I haven’t had much free time. I merged his contributions to the master branch.


Not everyone has access to a web server with unlimited bandwidth/space, nor does everyone want to download the workshop addon and set it up for fast download when the addon is already on the workshop.

Also, using all caps and a comical amount of question marks makes you look like an idiot.

im hosting a fastdl on a vps, its very easy to set up and you dont need to spend any money, and you should be worried about bandwidth or space, it’s not like gmod addons are large

Ehh, if you somehow manage to get ATLEAST 300Mb of FastDL space(Some weapon mods cough M9K cough are gigantic), and lets say, 32 people download it, its already 9.6Gigabyte for them, and 1 M9K pack is already 300+Mb. Then it depends on how many times the owner changes the fastdl, how ‘badly’ its setup etc. Also, the VPS itself costs money…soo… Then, ‘its easy to setup’ depends if the VPS is linux or windows. Many ‘beginning’ owners cant use linux at all, and therefore mainly use gameserver providers.

Then use workshopdl!

you know, put some resource.AddWorkshop(“addonid”) in some lua file located in /lua/autorun/server/