WorkshopDL With Weapons and Player Models. Help please.

Hello. I want to be able to see the custom player model .png icons while choosing my player model in sandbox. My ‘workshop.lua’ is this:

resource.AddWorkshop (“109586003”) --Random Models
resource.AddWorkshop (“291014600”) --Zelda Models
resource.AddWorkshop (“391383735”) --Left Shark Model
resource.AddWorkshop (“454787966”) --Scorpion Model

When I join my server (having no addons installed, trying to download it through workshop) I try to use the player models but their .png icon files come up as errors. I can WorkshopDL maps. Any suggestions?

My command line includes: -authkey <myauthkey> and +host_workshop_collection <collectionid>

ds_whatever isn’t valid. Just do the number only. Also, make sure the workshop.lua file is in lua/autorun/server.

Ah… XD I failed. But the player models’ .png icon files will not load. Suggestions?

PNG? What?

Ok so you know how you press ‘c’ to open up the context menu? Then, you go to player models in the top left. Next, you click on the model you want. Those models come up as errors, but still work in-game. Is there anyway to download the actual .png icon files for the context menu?

Those aren’t PNGs. Those are rendered based on the model. If you want them to show up normally, re-render them in the Q menu.

How do I do that? Like I said, I don’t have the actual addons because I wanna try to load them without it. So therefore, I can’t re-render something I never downloaded to my client. I’m still struggling. Any more suggestions?

They only appear that way for your client, meaning you need to rerender it through your clientside Sandbox menu.

Please tell me how. I’m only a kid ya know XD. Do you mean through ULX?

EDIT: Thank you for your help. This worked :slight_smile: