Workshopper 0.6

Download here:

Can now update your old addons with tags. Added front page.

I think I’ll upload some things now too. :smiley:

That looks awesome :downs:

Should get myself to upload something.

Awesome DUDE!

Add the ability to download it as addon… I can’t have wiremod in my server that I create by SRCDS…

Workshop addons are coming to dedicated servers soon.

maybe you can also enable uploading .txt files in the scripts folder, for map soundscapes for example?

It is needed for vehicles and propdatas too.

Where is the changelog displayed?

WOW! This one works, and it’s alot more than just the EXE. Thanks!! :smiley:
It’s a bit buggy to move it, and it doesn’t retrieve addons, I’m trying to allow it through my firewall. Not sure if it’s blocked or what.
Nope, not the firewall. Also, in the beta, the workshop thing near the bottom of the screen just keeps updating without doing anything else forever. Is this just me?
Oh wait, this is for uploading not getting addons isn’t it…? D:

Tested it, worked without any issues at all.

Nice! Going to update the tutorials on the wiki tomorrow.

Nowhere - the feature is that new that is isn’t shown anywhere yet. No doubt Valve will add a way for me to use it in game and display it on the workshop site.

Could probably be shown above the download bar or something.

Or maybe in the addons menu, red bubbles à la facebook or idk

It’s really cool they added something like that though!

TXT where added to the white list for Vehicles, not sure about the rest, havent tested.

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Another thing, will all the mountable games be included to the “Games to work needed” list?

I made a suggestion on listing updated addons (link) - a button to view a change log (once Valve provides a way for you to access it) would be a good addition to that.

Any plans to release Workshopper through Steam so keeping up to date is easier?

I think it would be good to have the Workshopper in “Tools” (like the Source SDK) but also available for download here. So if it breaks Garry can give us an updated copy while waiting for Valve to apply the update.

i would rather have a multi-select option for when you boot gmod, asking if you want Workshop or Garry’s Mod