Workshopper 0.7

Download here:


• Folder browser is now vista style (and remembers the last folder you selected)
• Demos and saves don’t show on the front page
• Changed compression to LZMA
• Successful updates open the workshop file page

I’ve done some tests and I’m seeing huge improvements using this compression. My gm_construct map pack with the previous version was 24mb compressed. It’s now 10mb when bundled with the new addon.

(Addons bundled using this won’t work in game until tonights update)

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Yeah that’s in too

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Oh yeah :smiley:

avast! Anti virus is warning me. It is a false positive, but it’s kinda anoying.

glad to see you’ve changed to LZMA, 7z’s compression’s rates are just insane in ultra (up to twice the efficiency compared to zip for non binary stuff in my experience)

What is it reporting?

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Hm that’s odd.
It was warning me once that the file is “bad” or something.
I clicked on the button “continue execute”.
Since then it never warned me again and I can’t see a thing in the protocols of warnings.

If authors should update their existing mods that have the “file removed” syndrome, will they be fixed? Ability to view screens, rate and all?

the addon I uploaded with it, doesn’t work for everyone
looks like override is picky.

i want to be able to test the addons without uploading them cause it takes so long time to do a everything over and over again each time youre gonna test like compress them into addon files locally instead of needing to upload each time

I have a bug, whenever i want program to open file browser (to find my addon) it just doesnt do open, i dont know if its a bug or something is wrong with my pc.

for me it is the same :confused:


Using Polish letters i have crash or cannot write any letter. Just add multilanguages please.

What’s the point of changelog? Is it something that will be on steam workshop?

Can’t you integrate Workshopper into Garry’s Mod? If not, why?

Yeah - I’m guessing it will eventually be show the changes in each version.

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Is there an eta for version 0.8?
Still waiting for being able to upload .ani-files.