Workslop: The Worst Workshop Addons thread[/T]

Alright, why not?

Screenshot says it all, this thread is for the absolute worst of the worst on the workshop (even though that’s subjective to an extent). Similar principle to the “Stuff that gets you mad” thread, just mainly with workshop content that you think is absolutely horrible. Just don’t post dupes, we know that those are all shit already.

Actually, DO post dupes because there’s bound to be dupes on the workshop that are just beyond the kind of horror that normal dupes invoke. General workshop bullshit is also welcomed.

Here, I’ll start:


Wanna know what it does? It Rick Rolls.

this is my new favorite thread, i love you spastik

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Working model of a Portal Gun


It’s a Samus playermodel/npc in-case you’re wondering (aka 12 year old magnet).

Mapping King x27

there should be just a megathread that’s called “Bad game mods” where it’s just bad workshop/nexus/whatever mods for every game

anyways content

What the actual fuck?

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Also, everything here.

i understand this isn’t gmod, but come on, this by far has to be the worst addon

Fuck me no one wants to see your pony scat fetish on the workshop.

Now that a thread like this exist, this post has a real home.

Sidenote, I am so glad I made this thread, it’s gold.

The image speaks for itself.

^ Pure genius.[/t]

stop posting pony things, co-workers are going to think i’m a fucking brony

A lot of player uses this HUD, but it’s fucking crap, it’s a fucking screenshot took ingame (in BF4).
He just croped the non-hud part, added a shitty ammo ugly font.


yes i’m mad

Not a workshop item itself, but it’s from a discussion on my terrible mod so it must count, right?

After about three days of escalating drama that I totally wasn’t part of, he broke:

Also note the post number. I’m expecting great things from the next one.

What the hell have I started?

Anyways, everything from here:

Where did you see scat? If so that probably should be banned from the workshop.

I really want to know how the cat ragdoll got there.

yeah fuck him for making a working radar and a working firemode indicator
fuck him what a asshole for making a actual working huds instead of shitty sound guns