World and View Models! :O

Hello, how do i fix the world and view models for this pipe model.

_w, _v

Thanks for Reading ! :smiley: Hope u can help me.

Whats wrong with it? (seeing as its hexed maybe they screwed up somewhere as I know the original works and the one I hexed)

No, i just want the code for the World and View Models, e.g model/pipe/w_pipe.mdl

If thats what your after just find it in the models folder in the download.

models/weapons/v_mattpip.mdl okey i found the View model

but there is no World model. (Im making a pipe SWEP for SeriousScript)

I’d expect it’ll be models/weapons/w_mattpip.mdl due to it being a hexed crowbar (so it has to have the same numer of letters as crowbar and be in the same sub folders).

Okey, gonna try it.