World at War - again


Hey this isn’t bad. More than I expected. Really like the posing on the first one.

Tip! Make the images bigger. Hard to see details when this small. And remember! You just need to edit your old post. No need to make a new thread just for smaller corrections as missing images.

Why didn’t you just edit your last thread?

Or edit it into a compilation thread.

cool work, posing is good but the effects are kinda odd

oh and is that a source version of cs_rio on the second pic?

Pfft, I was expecting some WW2 poses. Great editing tho.

What map is that in the second pic?


The pictures are really small. And you should never use the smudge tool (it blurs the background too much and screams “crappy editing”) If you are going to edit, look at a tutorial and practice some editing skills.

However, the composition and posing in most of the shots looks good. You just need to turn up your graphics settings (specifically, antialiasing)

pretty nice. I like it, although I never would have expected the TF141 or the Army Rangers finding the borieallas before Gordon. Nice posing, The editing on the gunshots are good. in the first pic the guy on the far left has sort of a floating knee but overall its really good.

de_favela in the FPSbanana

picture is pretty small and muzzleflash looks like you painted it on MSPaint
posing looks alright and thats probably all you need to improve i guess


Cool posing though, I saw some MW2 moments there…