World Divided V.2.

Welcome to World Divided V.2. Your local post apocalypse rebuilding rp thread.
Brought to you by me and Jenkins along with the Espionage Wars Community.
Please take note that his thread will not be 100% realistic or possibly even close to that in some opinions.
But the thread is what it is and the reason we might do some things the way we do is for gameplay’s sake.

It is never too late to join.***

Pre-Nuclear launch lore.**
1998-2000: Political leaders start to get an idea on just how fast Earth will run out of it’s natural resources if something isn’t done. Instead of keeping a cool head and playing along, leaders start to panic and eventually leave alliances and abandon everyone who is not of their nation. This leads to the collapse of NATO and CSTO, along with any other alliances in the world. Every nation now stands alone, there is no one to rely on for safety of ones independence. The end of the world starts now.

2002: For two years the Middle East and the African continent has been ravaged by wars. There is no longer any form of international safety guarantee for smaller, underpowered and peacefull nations. The strongest rules in these continents, upping the world tension severly.

2003: Oil supplies stop coming from the Middle East as it is ravaged by war. In panic Turkey and Iran declares war, both wanting to secure the rest of the Middle East to profit from it’s resources.

2004: People’s Republic of China forcefully retakes Taiwan and Invades it’s neighbouring country. With the exception of India. The Scandinavian Union is formed between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Papa new Guinea and New Zealand volunteerily joins the Australian Pacific Coalition as self governing states and immediately end’s up in war with Indonesia.

2005: As the world tension has gone through the roof, a swarm of global conflict erupts. People’s Republic of China annexes North Korea, and soon after invades the Indochina territories as well as Japan and South Korea.
The Russian Federation annexes Belarus, Ukraine and invades Poland and the rest of the Baltic States.
The United States threatens Canada to join as it’s 51 first state and in fear of a forcefull annexation Canada joins as the US declares war on Mexico with goals of annexing it.
Germany and France picks up old fudes and starts with the eventual border skirmishes and suprise artillery barrages.
The United Kingdom invades Ireland and annexes it, as well as it declares war on the Scandinavian Union by taking Greenland and Iceland.
Brazil offers it’s neighbouring country to join it in a United South American Coalition, as they all refuse Brazil invades them.

2007: The Baltic States, Poland, Moldova and Romania is annexed by the Russian Federation, leaving most of said nations in ruins after two years of war. As the Russian Federation is busy with Europe. The Scandinavian Union ceases the moment and invades Russia through Finland.
The United States sends forces to Japan to use it as a staging ground to retake Korea and invade China, landing in Busan, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
Pakistan and India, who have somehow managed to remain at peace for so long falls under the pressure declares war.

2008: At the start of the year, a civil war errupts in Russia, the Communist Party takes ups arm with the intention of reforming the Soviet Union. By the end of the year Russia is split up between too many fronts and in a rush decision, they launch nuclear weapons at Sweden’s east coast and the shared borders between Norway and Finland with the intention splitting up the Scandinavian Union, leaving them devestated so Russia can focus on other fronts.
With the first nukes launched, Pakistan and India unloads their arsenal at eachother, before long every major nation on earth launches their arsenal of nuclear weapons at their enemies. The Final War started in 2008 and ended in the same year. Out of the ahses rises the survivors, along with new monstrosities, possibly worse than humans.

World Divided, in the era we play in takes place 40 years after the Final War. 2048 to be exact.

Out of the hotzones of the nuclear impacts new species rise up, more deadlier, brutal, ugglier and smellier than anything before.
The throne of top on the food chain is now brutally challenged by these new creatures of the new world.

These Mutants often seek food and will settle close by a food source, such as humans.
Humans live scattered all over the earth now, some are forming bigger factions and nations, however most reside in old towns and parts of cities, boarded up and walled off from the horrors of the outside.
Despite their protecton though even big town communities sometimes falls to mutant attacks.

Of course as if that wasn’t bad enough, you still have the equal monstrous blood thirsty monsters like the mutants, your fellow human. Raider and bandit gangs roam freely all over as there is no organized law enforcements to deal with them. They pray on the weak and take what they want, killing without resent.

These guys are part of the administration team, and help the op with rules, decisions and may answer any questions you might have amongst other various things.
Current GMs: RickVIce, Slim Charles, Taggart.

This is where you come in.

There is a variety of options too choose from here.
Your faction can basically be anything from a rising nation to a single character living in the new world.
You could have a group of people that wander from place to place and do mercenary work for money and supplies, you can do this with 1 character if you want.
You could attempt to be some sort of new company or a group inside an already established player faction.
You can have a raider or a bandit group if you want.
You can work from being a 1 man survivor to having a warband of mercenaries or raiders, and/or eventually build your own nation. Let your imagination loose.
If you’re unsure of what you want to play as is allowed or not, ask. Don’t assume.
Faction map:
Special thanks to Rusty for creating and maintaining the WD map.

**The Faction Roster

Black Rain Gang - ***McTbone
***Confederate Southern States of America - **Afran

**Californian Salvages - **​TacoManz

East Coast Commonwealth - RickVIce
ECC Air Force/Commonwealth Air Force - Kali

**Free City of Caergybi -***VenomBlizzard

***Free State of New England - **Redcoat893

**Market - **EdwardDewey89

**New Herrera - ***TheFrostBible
**New Alaska Republic - justinl132

Pathfinder Company - **Infab

**Reformed Austrian Empire - **E-Diabetus

**Red Rose Collective -***SingleAction
**Sonoran Republic - **LeKepitan

**Texas Confederation - ***Mattchewy
**United Scotland - ***Bottle Boy

Western Territories Coalition - *** Slim Charles

Character Roster**

**Ruslan Andrijovych - ***ussr68

This list is subject to be changed and/or extended.
This is not a list of all the mutants out there, this list contains only the most common of mutants. You can try to make up your own mutant with characteristics and a uniqness from the regular mutants. I do ask that you forward it to me via PMs neatly and tidy. I’d rather not look through a list full of suggestions, try not to represent something to me that isn’t finished. And if they get approved they will be a mutant that resides in the local area of your faction, but if they seem really great to me or people really seem to love them they can become a part of the global list.
There is a channel in the discord with mutant information where information on all the mutants will be available.

Starting the global list:
**The Behemoth. **
The Behemoth earns it’s name by being a gigantic mutant that roams the new world.
By the looks of it, it seems to once have been a human. And as humans it has varying behaviour and aggresivness.
The Behemoth is very territorial, and will rarley would outside it’s territory which usually spands for a kilometre or so.
Some have been known to be very aggresive while others have simply observe humans before walking off.
Whenever they meet another one of it’s kind they will most likley end up in a brawl and fight eachother off.
It’s fighting habits seems to be picking up objects by the size of cars and throw them at their enemies and pick up trees, lightpoles or even tank turrets, basically whatever it can use as a club.

The Digger.
The Digger, as you can imagine is known for digging tunnels. They live and breed underground, preferably somewhere moist. However they are known to come up out of the ground and take sunbaths.
The Digger often works in packs and upon spotting pray they will attempt to burry themselves or tunnel towards it and ambush it from beneath. If a Digger gains the upper hand on you it can kill you the second it’s scorption like claw snatches you, however they often drag their victims back to their nests to feed. Despite the danger and tough behavour of the Digger, it doesn’t take a lot of put one down. A close range shotgun round or a couple of rifle rounds will do the trick easily, and as they work in packs they tend to retreat if most of their pack members are defeated.

Stage 1. Induvidual retains every human trait, with the exception of skin drying up and paling, as well as hair loss.
Stage 1’s are often shunned upon and will be cast out of communities if not right out executed.
Seeing as the Stage 1’s are prone to being outcast, a lot will hold grudges and become warlords of Bezerker raiders.
The time between Stage 1 and proceeding to Stage 2 can be from a week to several decades, however only a few remains Stage 1 for long and will most likley turn within a month.
Extra details was requested by Redcoat the cockfuzzler.

Stage 2. Induvidual is able to communicate still, as well as operate vehicles and weaponry. However the induvidual lacks very little common sense and logic skills and will often enter a state of frenzy upon being attacked, attacking or by simply spotting something that might be food or something to kill.
The frenzy might lead them to killing themselves by for example running directly at armed humans, bigger mutans or driving of a cliff.
Stage 2 Bezerkers can be controlled by a strong Stage 1 Bezerker, making excellent frenzied soldiers in a warband, unafraid of injury or death.

Stage 3. The induvidual has lost any former sense except for the need to feed, they are able to stumble around and maul at enemies, however they are slow and usually easy to evade unless in tight spaces or they are presented in a high numbers.
Stage 3 Bezerkers are usually rounded up by Stage 1 and Stage 2 Bezerkers to be used as cannon fodder, to tire and deplet defenders munitions, allowing the Stage 2 frenzied Bezerkers to attack with ease. This strategy is how the most infamous Bezerker Raiders are able to raid entire towns.

Players will be able to play as a Stage 1 Bezerker character if they wish.
They can also have a small group or community of Stage 1 Bezerkers.
However it is unlikley it would grow significant. As the Bezerkers are seens as scum and raiders by most, as well as most Stage 1’s will proceed to Stage 2 eventually.
Players are also able to play as a Bezerker warclan/raider gang.

Some more info on the thread and the community itself.
To play World Divided you do not need to play in Espionage Wars, however you are required to join the discord so sadly if you somehow got yourself kicked out of EW you’re stuck in the same situation regarding WD.

The same rules that applies to Espionage Wars apply here, although with the exception of some of the gameplay rules. If you’re unsure which don’t be afraid to ask.
EW Rules:

**Faction Introduction Template (For new players)

  1. Faction Name.

  2. Faction Alignment and/or mission. (Very Chaotic-Chaotic-Chaotic Evil-Neutral-Neutral Good-Good-Very Good.)

  3. Some images of your faction members doing stuff.

  4. (OPTIONAL) The leader of your faction.

  5. (OPTIONAL) A pic of your territory.

Please forward your faction introduction to me via a PM in discord preferibly, but FP PMs also works.
Don’t worry it’s not some super strict rule set or requirements to join, it’s just to make sure its on par with the lore, logic and everyone else.

If you have any questions at all feel free to forward it to me or Jenkins.

I love this kind of shit, I just wish I had the time to actually play this.

Well there’s no rush in the gameplay. You could do a group or a single character deal, where you won’t really have too much impact on the world around you so if you’re unable to attend a lot it won’t really matter.

Faction Name: The Pathfinder Company

Faction Alignment: Neutral-Good

Faction Mission: The Pathfinder Company (or just the Pathfinders) is a group of civilians and former military personnel formed as a sort of frontier ranger group to scout out areas and investigate potential mutant and hostile threats. They also act as a communications bridge between areas and territories where no direct line of communications or method of travel may exist.

Faction Leader: ECC Army Captain (Ret.) Daniel Cain

Faction name: New Herrera

Faction Alignment: Neutral-Good

Faction Mission: Restoring the country for it’s population

City guard “cleaning” the city from potential threats.

Faction Name: Commonwealth Army (part of the East Coast Commonwealth faction)
Faction Alignment: Neutral-Good
Faction Mission: Re-establish communication with any remaining former US military/government forces, eliminate hostile threats, protect secured territory, and retake/rebuild the country.


-snip- re-did my introduction.[/t]
Faction Name: Texas Confederation
Faction Alignment: Neutral-Good
Faction Mission: To become it’s own country and trade with allies. They are made up of former national guard and civilian traders.
Faction HQ: The Capital City of Houston.







I guess I should put forward a good example myself and actually introduce my faction.

The East Coast Commonwealth.
2008, as the ICBMs race towards the east coast. The home defense fleet of Norfolk is able to save Washington DC, NYC and Philadelphia from nuclear annihilation.

Communications throughout the United Sates is severed by several confirmed nuclear detonations however the capitol and effectivley, the US government is saved.

As the year goes by the East Coast surviving cities reforms as the East Coast Commonwealth. Praising and honouring the Navy as their saviours. The ECC adopts as new flag as well, with a striking resemblance to the US coast guard flag. Both in honour of the sea defenders and their new coastal culture.

The East Coast Commonwealth sees themselves as the new surviving America, however as the owner of the old territory of the United States. Conflicts may arrise with growing communities that refuse to be imbeded within the commonwealth.

The east Coast Commonwealth is a open commonwealth, any large community or surviving state in North America will be able to join as a new state in the commonwealth. With pros such as resource sharing and protection from a huge army and the navy’s firepower. However as one of the cons they are under the ECC federal government, although granting states their own local leadership, they do answer to the federal government. They are however a valuable vote for big decision making in the ECC.
The East Coast Commonwealth’s territory is vast but far from secure. Cities, towns and settlements are walled in, safe from the outside and protected by a military presence or local law enforcement in the smaller settlements, as well as military complexes and outpost scattered throughout the territory. The open road between settlements is a dangerous place, and smaller mutants, raiders and bandits thrive there. Praying on the weak. The open road is a high risk for anyone valuing their lives, this is why most people wanting to move between settlements usually hang around for a suppy convoy, so they can hitch a ride.
The ECC’s military is vast, big and complex. It’s divided into four branches. Seeing as the Navy saved and basically created the ECC. The admiral of the fleet is the highest commander of the ECC armed forces, and directly controls the Navy and the National Guard. However as the ECC made contact with a huge group of us military remnants (Rusty’s old Faction) they were indoctrinated, and their General(Rusty) is now the top general of the ECC army. And last the Air Force (Kali). Invaluable for transporting troops quickly around the territory with its armada of helicopters. The Air force also retains a sizeable amount of jet aircrafts. However the ECC is unable to reproduce valuable jet parts so jets are one of the most valuable military assets the ECC have and is most commonly used for fire bombing mutant nests, where they fly high and avoid and possible danger.
So yeah, this my faction. But as you can see it’s not soley run by me, even if I am the big boss. And states/communities in North America are able to join in with the commonwealth and still remain in control of it. So the ECC has a chance to grow into a large nation with multiple people deciding it’s course.

With the wild west style control in the ECC territory, people can also make small communities and raider gangs that operate inside it’s vast territory.
You can also have characters that are born or simply live in the ECC.

If you have any questions regarding the ECC feel free to PM me

A National Guard Engineer convoy, scouting out the old infrastructure of the US. Locating routes that are whole, damaged, broken but repairable or not repairable.

A patrol from a wildland outpost is forced to seek refuge in an old building while fending off a crazed horde of stage 2 bezerkers.

Time for best faction boooyysss[/t]
Years after the Final War a shred of civilisation rises from the ashes of Western Australia…

In the years after the war the people of WA found themselves cut off from the rest of the world and although no nuclear attack had taken place in the region infrastructure was heavily damaged during the Australian-Indonesian War, and mutant human/animal populations from the eastern states affected by nuclear annihilation soon migrated to Western Australia. Faced against all odds the remaining Mining and Agricultural industry in WA banded together to form a defensive coalition; focused on the defence of the West-Australian people and it’s infrastructure. The Western Territories Coalition.

The Western Territories Coalition spans all of former Western Australia, however the borders are not heavily monitored and many of the rural towns & regions have their own laws and customs. The capital of the WTC is the port city of Fremantle, during the Australian-Indonesian war the former state capital Perth was destroyed. After the Final War Perth was left abandoned as Fremantles dock/port and railway infrastructure was seen as a lot more valuable.

The WTC heavily relies on it’s railways to transport valuable ores, coal, oil and cattle around the state. The WTC also trades it’s valuable natural resources with other fledgling nations/factions in return for munitions, vehicles and labour to modernise the Western Territories outdated industry. Much like Australia before the Final War the WTC despite being rich in natural resources doesn’t have the industry to capitalise on it.



(Credits to Luxuria for the above artwork)


(credits to Ninja Nub for the above artwork)[/T]

Faction name: The Reformed Austrian Empire

Faction alignment: Neutral-Good

Mission: Retake and rebuild former Austrian Empire territories from the 19th century.

After an indeterminate amount of time after the nuclear weapons dropped on most of the world the remaining Austrian government and military leaders were able to make contact with the remaining governments of the nearby Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Under the circumstances the remaining Austrian officials requested that the Hungarian, Czech, and Slovakian officials come to Vienna under escort to purpose a unified nation. Once they arrived they all agreed that the time for sovereign states has passed and that union was the only way forward. They formed a Grand Council and through a vote decided to bring back the Austrian Empire under an elective monarchy, with the name The Reformed Austrian Empire. The Grand Council voted to bring back the old Habsburg ensign, as well as voted to be a defensive nation on the prospect of returning to the glory of the 19th century empire. Despite not having an official elected to the state of Emperor yet, the Grand Council has decided that their first objective is to rebuild military and civilian infrastructure in their nation.

Today, the nation is already deploying combat engineer teams across their territory to reestablish water and power to most of their surviving cities and military sites.


Can I get you guys who didn’t bother reading the rules or going into the discord to send me information about your factions.

I can’t place you on the map if I don’t know where you are and if you do/don’t have territory.

What I need:
-Faction Name
-Faction Flag/Logo/Emblem
-Main HQ of your faction
-Territory highlighted on a map(if you have any)

So far that’s Mattchewy who needs to speak up.

Rick gave me E-Diabetus’ faction information so he’s good to go.[/t]

1. Faction Name. United Scotland
2. Faction Alignment.** Evil-Neutral
3. Faction mission.** Take the Scottish Highlands, and then build a wall at the Scottish border to protect Scotland.
4. The leader of your faction.** King William Bruce

United Scotland is a small country founded 5 years after the nuclear war. The founding father was history professor James Bruce, who gathered a small following that quickly grew larger and larger in the city of Edinburgh. Now with people loyal to him,
and most of the eastern Scottish territory united, he created his own country that would be known as United Scotland. He then built up a larger militia armed with military grade weapons and gear looted from military bases around in Scotland
and took most of western Scotland, and gained more land to grow food and build settlements on. But after spending 20 years on building a new country, King James L. Bruce died at the age of 83. And his young son William Bruce took command of the kingdom.

The Red Rose Collective



**Faction: Free city of Caergybi **
Main Hq: Holyhead
Goal: Maintain and expand the Trade network, expand and take over wales
**Factions territory:[/T]**



Free State of New England

Alignment: Neutral-Good

Instead of creating a faction off the bat, I chose to make a character and eventually have his story develop into a faction later on.

(Sorry for a shittier post, it’s 2:00 AM)