World Divided

*brought to you by rick vice, and that guy that made esp wars v2*

What is this? So you may be wondering right now what exactly is this thread, well basically it’s like espionage wars but with a kinda different take on it, basically it’s a forum role playing game where you take control of factions and do stuff in this post apocalyptic but not entirely destroyed world.

Late 2014- Due to heavy political fallout from several superpowers discovered to have ties to the Iraq-Syrian-Egyptian-Afghanistan-Iranian-Pakistani war the United Nations is disbanded.

Early 2015- North Korea Invades South Korea, allegiances are tested and tensions rise to spark an all out third world war.

Mid 2015- Eurasian Coalition (Russia, China) Forces first cross the french channel and reach English Shores.

Late 2015- In retaliation to the nuclear warheads fired at the American coasts, Israel fires it’s final set of nuclear warheads, warheads hit in shanghai china, and Moscow Russia. In retaliation five remaining Russian Nuclear Submarines’s in the area decimate Israel with a fierce barrage of warheads. With many countries ravaged by fierce fighting and economies decimated the War grinds to a stalemate, shortly after the Nuclear Arms Treaty is signed by remaining superpowers (Russia, China, America).

2015-2037- The modern world never truly recovered from the third world war, after numerous nuclear winters, economical crisis, famines, revolutions, civil wars, plagues and the ever looming threat of the zones almost all countries known to the modern world have collapsed or reformed in one way or another, the world is a much more isolated dangerous place, communication between other countries is sparse. Most of the earths livable climate is controlled by militias varying in size, new or surviving governments or just nature itself.

2038- Evidences surfaces among faction’s near Moscow’s zone that it may possibly be somehow expanding.

How do I get started? First you come up with an idea with your faction, then procure some models to represent your faction, after that think up some basic back story, lore etc. for your faction. After that download the latest version of The World Map (It should be in the OP) pick a color to represent your faction and mark your factions territory on the map, then upload it and include it in a post in this thread detailing some basic details about your faction, what they do, how big they are, what actually are they etc.

How do I play? Well it’s simple you just make poses of your faction doing stuff, may it be invading territory and crushing the local militia, warring over territory with other people’s factions, or even looting or refurbishing old factories and arms dealing, point is you can do p much any reasonable thing you want, your faction could be a nation that existed before the war, or one formed by militias banding together long after it, or maybe your a band of marauders nicking any wallet in sight. usually when battling another persons faction it’s a good idea to consult and organize things with them.

The World Map; The World Map displays all factions current owned territory and battles/engagements. When expanding territory people should update the map to be correct with current locations just post your map update in the thread usually accompanying a pose or two etc. When battling other factions players should show the territory being fought over by drawing a circle with a red X inside on the world map covering the area. When interacting with a neutral area unless the area is conquered through various means you do not need to display the battle. Only Update the World map If you have actually gained/lost territory or actually battling a player, not light skirmishes

The World map also details “Zones of Alienation” These zones were the most hard hit zones during the third world war, and as such are still very hazardous to human health and dangerous due to the high amount of hostile creatures in the Zones, Zones of Alienation are areas in which supernatural things may happen, not to mention they’re crawling with mutants more so than neutral areas and other undiscovered creatures of the night. Nobody really knows what exactly is out there in the world, people are encouraged to come up with their own spoopky monsters and folklore etc.

Just because territory is neutral doesn’t mean it’s safe, it’s just neutral to any faction wars in the area, but their are still many other dangers lurking about, such as bandits, mutants, partisans possibly loyal to your enemies and many more even undocumented things.[/t]

Republic of Tbonia - Mctbone

Federation of Darovon - Rick VIce

Socialist Republic of Novorod | Flag | - Slim Charles/Pvt. Jenkins | Info on Nation | Download

The United Celtic Coalition - Jeffrey96

VDI Sanctuary | Flag | - Viper123swe

Ataraxia - Fredrika/Rinfect

The Order of the Zone - ThaHuntah

Vindicare Order | Flag | - Death Grunt | Info on Nation

The Korean Federation - Blitzkrieg Zero

The Magadanskaya oblast Reich | Flag | - Albino

The United Republic of Schlachthaus - KINGTHTWRATH/Kingstar

Great Lakes Coalition | Flag | - Alsojames, BEAR, Fort83. | Info on nation

the Southern Union of Federated States | Flag | - Infab | Info on Nation

The Children of Destiny - Hunter-Spy

The Southern Japanese-American Alliance | Flag | - Taggart | Info on Nation | Download

Glorious Japanese Empire | Flag | - CrazyKnife

Grand Newfoundland Republican Society - Wotman

The Cursed and Forgotten - FT/TF

Florida Trading Company - Hunterdnrc | Info on Nation

Alaskan-Aleutian Confederation | Flag | - Cxcxxxxx

Republic of Norgo - OfficerLamarr

Union of Great Metro | Flag | - MrViking

Krieger Republik - Luxuria/RustledJimmies

Hunters League - Lewis | Info on Faction

Remnants of US military - Taggart, -Rusty-. Johau

Civilian Protection Organisation - JoshRifles | Info on Faction

The Blue Rose Alliance | Flag | - Jim_Riley | Info on Faction

The Federated Cypriot League | Flag | - T_T crai2 | [url=]Info on Faction

Sino-Australian Hegemony | Flag | - Steve Stump

Coalitions of 2038 (Alliances:)

Slavic States of Eastern Europe -Tbonia, Daravon & Novorod.

The South Pacific Coalition | Flag | - The Cursed and Forgotten, The Southern Union of Federated States, The Southern Japanese-American Alliance.


  • Have Fun
  • Be Creative
  • Don’t be a cunt
  • When taking over a territory it takes a minimum of two real days.
  • Try not to ally with people fighting each other.
  • Your territory has an upkeep, the bigger your territory is the more prone it is to corruption, deserters, rebels etc. in the case of a civil uproar the op will notify someone that a area of their territory is under civil unrest.
  • Your units cannot enter red areas of Zones without NBC gear or thick clothing with Gasmasks or Hazmat suits etc.
  • Work made in SFM is perfectly acceptable.
  • Please when writing your lore save it as a txt and upload it to a place such as the public folder of dropbox, that way I can add it to the faction roster.
  • No Giant mechs etc. technology had to have existed pre-war for it to exist now, unless your faction started making technology but that would be very hard the tech made would be very limited and probably shitty and falling apart.
  • No crazy sci-fi constructions that are completely unexplained, like a giant metal war constructed over multiple kilometers for instance, that being said something more feasibly like a defensive front line or a railroad and regular ol buildings etc. couldn’t be constructed in safe areas.
  • Nuclear winters are a very real thing, keep that in mind in cold areas your troops may have to wear NBC gear.
  • There is no teleporting kebabs in this thread, for instance if your faction is in finland they aren’t going to be going to america anytime soon, even by ship, only factions that were old world countries or ended up with a surplus of fuel would be able fuel ships, and even in that case the ocean is full of mutated sea life there is plenty of things that will prevent the crew from reaching its destination.

This is where I will put information that I couldn’t figure out where to put.

  • This website is useful for making flags or at least the base of them.
  • The way you take territory doesn’t have to be hostile, there are many ways to win the hearts and minds of people.
  • Factions that are small groups eg. a group of bandits do not require a presence on the world map.
  • If your decided to stop posting actively notify me and I’ll update the faction roster and world map to say your away.
  • People that stop completely posting without notification will have there faction deleted off the world map and put in a special section of the faction roster.
  • If there’s anything I’ve left out of the OP don’t be afraid to contact me.

If you have any questions or if you’re unsure if something your doing is or isn’t against the rules please ask Mctbone, Rick VIce or me.

So like can I claim Japan as my thing on that map?

I wanna call it “The Glorious Japanese Reformation Coalition.”

p much



I’m taking Germany.

Conscripts from the 7th Infantry division have some r&r with a TPA scout who was separated from his team. The territory in between Tbonia and Novorod is mostly un-mapped so traversing it efficiently may prove to be difficult.

Put me on Germany under the Krieger Republik.

I sent you a PM. Please check it out.

can I get dibs on the area around lake Baikal?

Can my faction be the remains of a small PMC corporation or are only bandits and national groups allowed?

Of course it can. A community can be started by anyone from a former persident to a gardner.

Also latest map


Remember to save the map is PNG also to anyone adding their land

I would like to join within the area of former France as “The Order”.

Joined in vladvostok area + former russia as Ataraxia

claiming lake Baikal right now as “the order of the zone”

i might change the name later on, who knows

edit: i came up with my name a few hours ago and someone thinks of something extremely similiar

Sorry, I’l change the name of my faction.

you don’t exactly have to, I’m just saying it was a silly coincidence

I didn’t see it in the OP, but what are the rules regarding technology and military equipment? Since it’s post nuclear I assume most if not all aircraft are gone?